City fires cop convicted of DWI; officer likely to appeal ruling

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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James Vigil, a now-former detective with the Santa Fe Police Department, was informed Tuesday he has been fired.

Vigil’s attorney, David Foster, said the ruling will likely be appealed.

Vigil was arrested and charged with DWI in May 2010 and convicted by a Santa Fe County Magistrate Court jury in March. That conviction, however, has been appealed and his case is now in state district court.

The fact that City Manager Robert Romero decided to fire Vigil before the appeal has the union upset (the union is just about always upset with Romero decisions, though). The reason the Santa Fe Police Officers Association is up in arms about this ruling is because a non-union employee, Lt. Steve Ryan, was allowed to keep his job during the appeal process and later reinstated at same rank and same position (he later was reassigned) when his district court appeal for a 2009 DWI arrest was overturned.

Here is a link to an article in Wednesday’s New Mexican, a link to the March article on Vigil’s conviction in Magistrate Court that I was the only reporter to cover and a link from around the time of his arrest:


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