Former New Mexican staffer gives take on cousin receiving Medal of Honor

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry of Santa Fe. (Courtesy photo)

There has been much written recently about Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry of Santa Fe, and rightfully so. The Sgt. 1st Class will receive the honor at a Washington, D.C., ceremony July 12.

Of all the glowing praise in the articles written recently about him the past week — articles from the N.Y. Times to USA Today to the Washington Post — only one that I know of was as personal as the one written last week by friend and former colleague (and he’s a former Santa Fe New Mexican intern then employee) Lucas Peerman.

Peerman, now an editor with the Las Cruces Sun-News, where I worked with him a few years ago when I was sports editor there, is Petry’s cousin. Of his cousin, Lucas writes:

Leroy said he understands the attention, but is trying

not to get caught up in it. His latest Facebook post reads: “I have received a barrage of FB, phone calls, texts, and phone calls/voicemails. Just wanted to say thank you for all your support and although I might not reach all I am humble honored and blessed. The award is bigger than the person and what it represents and I will always remember that.”

Last year, Leroy enlisted in the Army indefinitely. He enjoys his current job – helping soldiers who have lost limbs readapt to society. He has a lovely wife, Ashley, raises three stepchildren – Brittany, Austin and Reagan – as his own, and never goes anywhere without his son, Landon.

“Well, I’m gonna go get a haircut,” Leroy said before we ended our 10-minute phone conversation. “It’s been about a week.” So far, that’s life for this family man, Army Ranger and Medal of Honor recipient. And yes, that’s the order Leroy – my hero – would like it listed.

Here are some recent articles, including the one from Lucas:


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