SFPD shift change applies to all cops, begins June 4

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Tensions aren’t likely to settle between the SFPD union and the administration anytime soon.

After months of court battles and bickering, and seemingly very little negotiating, the controversial shift change — officers will have to work five 8-hour shifts rather than four 10-hour shifts — at the Santa Fe Police Department is about to take effect starting June 4.

But after being told it would only apply to the 80 or so officers in the department’s patrol division, city cops this week learned it applies to the entire department, meaning more like 150 officers are being affected according to one union member’s estimate.

Ultimately, this was always a decision the police chief was allowed to make according to the collective bargaining agreement, but only after good faith negotiations. Whether that happened is up for debate. What doesn’t seem to be up for debate is that the shift change being sprung on the rest of the department obviously isn’t sitting well with officers outside the patrol division who haven’t had the same time to prepare for such a change.

I’ll post the story publishing in Friday’s New Mexican here later once it posts on the paper’s Website.


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