The Santa Fe Police Department, which for the past couple months has been on a downswing in terms of staffing with about 20 officer positions unfilled, hired eight officers last week — seven are new cadets and one of the recent hires is a lateral transfer from Moriarty of an officer who will begin work with SFPD with the rank of POIII.

They new cops are:

  • Craig Davis (lateral transfer from Moriarty)
  • Laurie Krill
  • Carolina Aguayo-Hernandez
  • Ricky Nick Chavez
  • John Miles
  • John DeBaca
  • Ryan Alire-Maez
  • Cyle Drury

The department is still about a dozen officers short right now with many issues coming from a lot of shake up at the top of the department in recent months. Here is a link to a recent post about that movement at the top: There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on with the Santa Fe Police Department


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