(W/ Video) Man begs police to shoot him; SWAT standoff ends without shots fired

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This is Gerald Sisneros Jr., 27, after being taken into custody after a nearly 2-hour SWAT standoff in which he was asking police to shoot him in his home in the Turquoise Trail subdivision off N.M. 14 on Wednesday afternoon.

His mother, who helped police try to calm him down, said afterward Sisneros has been suffering severe depression since his younger brother died last year and that was escalated after losing his job three months ago and even more so Tuesday night when he and his girlfriend got into a fight at the couple’s home. One neighbor told me the girlfriend had broken up with him Tuesday night. The couple has three children, ages 10, 7 and 3.

His mother acknowledged things could have been much worse Wednesday afternoon, commenting that she’s well aware of how many similar situations have recently ended in Albuquerque.

Sisneros has medication for his depression, but had not been taking it Wednesday.

Police were first called when he began pouring paint thinner on a curb after the homeowners association had hired a company to paint certain curbs yellow to prevent people from parking on both sides of the street. Sisneros apparently did not want his curb painted and when police were called to talk to him about it, he hit a sheriff’s deputy with a horseshoe and broke a squad car windshield with a large rock while barricading himself inside a second-story bedroom.

He could be heard yelling “Shoot me!” and “Bring it on, bitches!” He at one point told police they couldn’t come in his home without a warrant. When one officer held up a piece of paper indicating he had a warrant, Sisneros yelled down, “Oh, OK. Leave it by the front door. I’ll come get it later.”

I’ll have more later and a full story in Thursday’s New Mexican.

… also please excuse the heavy breathing. I’m a fat journalist with allergies preventing me from breathing anyway and ran to this spot to get the video. I had been standing at another location most of the SWAT standoff but after the arrest when I saw him being taken out of the home, I had to run a whopping 50 feet or so. Apparently that’s enough to have me breathing hard and enough for my trusty iPhone to pick it all up.

  1. retired cop says:

    Thanks Geoff for covering another good outcome story from the cops. Hard to see these types of stories get covered. I feel bad for that guy and for the cops who have no idea a guy like him will take an outburst like that. Good job to all the cops in this situation for their poise and good job to the SFPD officer for doing the same last week. And thanks again to you Geoff for bringing these types of stories out to the public. Writing about the times these cases end with a shooting is expected. Writing about them when that isn’t the outcome is a welcome break from the norm with reporters.

  2. Samantha says:

    I agree Retired cop! Geoff, I enjoy reading your blogs. I am very interested in the criminal justice field. As I once use to work at the penitentiary, it’s something that has always caught my interest! Good work and great reporting

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