‘Dropped uterus’ defense doesn’t stop max sentence in sexual assault

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Marcial Zapata (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County jail)

From Thursday’s article published in the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Marcial Zapata, a self-described sobador who uses massage and other techniques to heal various ailments, does not believe he did anything wrong.

State District Judge Michael Vigil disagreed.

The judge last week convicted the 39-year-old unlicensed massage therapist of criminal sexual penetration for inserting his fingers inside a client’s vagina, injuring her cervix and reportedly telling her he was trying to heal her “dropped uterus.”

On Tuesday, Vigil told Zapata that his inability to own up to his crime is alarming.

“Your refusal to accept responsibility to me indicates that you do not feel you did anything wrong and therefore you are at risk for reoffending,” Vigil said.

Here are links to recent articles (including Thursday’s sentencing article) with more details on the case:


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