Smoker’s remorse? Willie Nelson back tracks on Gov. Gary Johnson endorsement

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Willie Nelson (AP file photo)

Yesterday, Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party sent out a press release announcing the country music icon and his political movement would officially endorse former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson in his 2012 presidential campaign.

Not so fast.

Some smoke seems to have cleared up around Willie as Nelson on Wednesday changed his tune and backed off the endorsement, according to

He doesn’t deny he endorsed Johnson on Tuesday, but hey, Wednesday is a brand new day, right?

According to a posting on the site (there are a good 10 paragraphs or so about the history of the party before it gets down to Willie’s comments on the endorsement):

I sent the press release and coverage links to Nelson. His response took me by surprise: “My position is it too early for me to endorse anyone. And I think every one should vote their  own conscience.”I wrote back reminding him that he had approved the endorsement.

“I know I said that,” Nelson replied. “But I think I will wait and see where he stands on other things. My bad. Sorry. I still think he is a good guy but so Is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him. If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already commited to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot.”

Willie was referring to Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who he supported in 2008 for the Democratic nomination. I defended our choice of Johnson and reminded him that we are only endorsing him for the Republican nomination.

Willie then wrote back: “The Teapot Party is millions of people. It’s not me. I jokingly said after I got out of jail in Texas that there is a Tea Party and there should be a Teapot Party. The difference between us is we follow our own drummer. No one can tell us how to think. If we back someone that’s us telling them how to vote. I’m not qualified. You can say or do anything you like and I will do the same but let’s don’t back a political candidate. Let’s give our opinions and say  twhat we know about everyone but let’s let everyone decide for themselves.”

Please check out the whole post for more context (linked below):

And for good measure, here’s a shout out to Johnson who is left with nothing but his Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain:

  1. stewie griffin says:

    Haha… we can’t be believin’ him maaaaan, he hiiiigh.

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