Witnesses say State District Judge paid ex-Gov. for bench appointment

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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State District Judge Mike Murphy

Pay-to-play allegations aren’t going away anytime soon for the Gov. Bill Richardson administration.

Here is a good rundown of the recent indictment and case against Third Judicial District Judge Mike Murphy down in Las Cruces written by former colleague Heath Haussamen on his blog, NMPolitics.net:

Clovis-based DA Matt Chandler (9th district), the same Matt Chandler handling the prosecution of former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano, is the special prosecutor in the Murphy case.

  1. Vic Amuso says:

    I dont doubt it. Who are these people to judge us anyway, look what they are doing. Who is really the criminals. “We will prosecute you for crimes, while we commit crimes and get away with it.” Read “The Franklin Coverup” ( and this was written by Senator John DeCamp, in case some of you start to cry that its all lies and the govenment dosent do that ect…ect..) and learn about what goes on at the Federal Level. Its time to wipe out and start a clean slate

  2. […] Third Judicial District Judge Mike Murphy entered a plea of not guilty Friday morning in Las Cruces to felony bribery charges. […]

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