Carjacking suspect used fake gun, now facing several charges

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Fabian O. Baros (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County jail)

The 33-year-old man police say stole a car at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon and led to St. Francis Drive being closed at Cerrillos Road during rush-hour has been charged with a pair of felonies and two misdemeanor offenses.

Fabian O. Baros — a jail booking sheet lists the man’s last name as Barros, which was reported in Wednesday’s New Mexican and is also the spelling of his last name on several past court records — was being held Wednesday night in the Santa Fe County jail in lieu of a $25,000 surety bond.

A probable cause statement filed for his arrest indicates Baros used “a toy or replica gun” to steal a 2002 Jaguar driven by a 19-year-old man before abandoning the car at St. Elizabeth’s shelter on Alarid Street. Police later found him in a nearby yard and arrested him. He is accused of also stealing an iPod from the stolen car.

Baros, after his arrest, led police to the gun he had thrown out of a window and later called his wife to go retrieve for him. The gun was recovered by police in the couple’s home in the 800 block of Osito Place.

Baros had recent emotional issues stemming from a death in the family that led to Tuesday’s incident. I’ve reviewed some recent police reports involving a family member of Baros and can attest to the fact that he has had some very traumatic issues to deal with in the past week. It doesn’t justify what police say he did, but it does offer a bit of an explanation for his mindset on Tuesday.

Witnesses told police they saw a man near Baros’ home on Tuesday afternoon “holding a gun to his own head and walking away on Agua Fria (Street).”

Jail records did not indicate Baros was being held in the medical wing of the jail and it was unclear whether police tried to get a psychological evaluation of Baros before booking him into jail.

His booking sheet states he has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, larceny and tampering with evidence.

Here is the story that published in Wednesday’s New Mexican, written before many of the details were released by police:

And for those who haven’t seen it, Journal North photographer Eddie Moore had a fantastic picture from Baros’ arrest on Tuesday evening. You’ll need a subscription to view it I believe, but here is a link to a Journal North page that has that pic: Journal North pic

The Journal North’s Phil Parker also spoke with the 19-year-old carjacking victim for a followup story published in Thursday’s paper. Here is that link: Cap Gun Used In Carjacking

  1. Matt Massena says:

    I was able to view the pics without a subscription.

    Also, Geoff, from the sounds of it, there is an interesting story that hasn’t been published in the paper yet. Not the emotional issues, of course, but the police reports you referred to indicate that something happened that we all might want to hear about. Is there a story in the works?

    • geoffgrammer says:

      The something that happened, since I brought it up, is that Mr. Baros’ father committed suicide on Mother’s Day and he has been struggling with it since. Again, not a defense of what he did, but that was part of what led to all this.

      As a policy, we do not cover suicides unless there is an overriding news value to doing so (a very public SWAT standoff and then what was investigated as a homicide in another case just this week is an example). So I do not plan a follow up article on that because Mr. Baros’ father’s suicide was not, in and of itself, a news event we would normally cover.

      In reading through those police reports, I could understand his mental state a little more, but the details of his father’s suicide we’ll choose not to publish, which is what we almost always choose to do in these matters.

      Geoff Grammer

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