Santa Fe bus driver charged with molesting 8-year-old on his bus route

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Martin Gonzales (Courtesy photo from Santa Fe County jail)

Santa Fe police on Thursday arrested a Santa Fe Public Schools bus driver they say molested a 3rd grade student on his bus and would flirt and inappropriately squeeze the thighs of two 13-year-old middle school girls.

Police now want to know if there are more victims from bus No. 2 that services Amy Biehl Community School and Capshaw Middle School.

A cell phone video from one of the 13-year-old victims alerted police to the case. On that video, Martin Gonzales, 54,can be seen squeezing the thighs of two 13-year-old girls sitting in the bus.

He has been charged with two counts of battery (for allegedly squeezing the teenagers’ thighs) and one count of criminal sexual contact of a minor for his admission to touching an 8-year-old girl on his bus, according to a probable cause statement for his arrest.

Here are some of the troubling statements directly quoted from the probable cause statement for Gonzales’ arrest written by Detective Andrea Dobyns:

  • “He does flirt with girls on the bus and does find girls between 10 years old and 15 years old attractive.”
  • “Gonzales admitted to becoming sexually aroused when he squeezed (one of the 13-year-old girl’s) leg.”
  • “Gonzales stated that he watches the shows about young girls that are in pageants because they look like little pretty women.”
  • “Gonzales stated that he tickles students on the bus and touches them because he cares about them and likes to make them laugh.”

One of the 13-year-old victims told police Gonzales would ask her to wear skirts, he liked her legs and once asked her to come over to his house and cook dinner for him.

Police did not know of the 8-year-old victim, they say, until he confessed to it in an interview concerning the 13-year-old girls having their thighs squeezed.

While Dobyns and Judah Montaño were questioning Gonzales about the cell phone video, according to the probable cause statement, the bus driver admitted young girls sexually arouse him and also “admitted to touching a third grade student … over her clothing on her vagina.” It is not clear when the incident with the 8-year-old occurred.

Here is the link to the article published in Friday’s New Mexican:


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