The New Mexico State Police on Thursday night plan to hold a DWI sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Santa Fe County with the hopes of curbing any drunken driving after Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Police don’t disclose exact locations for such checkpoints in advance.

“The checkpoints not only help to get drunks off the road but are an important educational tool,” Lt. Eric Garcia wrote in a prepared statement. “These are living, breathing billboards that will take you to jail so you can contemplate the poor choice to drink and drive.”

In addition, Santa Fe city police and Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies have announced plans to conduct a joint DWI checkpoint sometime “during Mother’s Day Weekend” between Friday night and Sunday.

  1. Messenger1 says:

    They should be required to give at least a two to three mile notification to drivers. I have seen three accidents and countless close calls because of their lack of info. When traffic is backed up especially on a blind spot a driver no matter their sobriety cannot act in time. Coming over the SF hill at the speed limit (65) and have to come to a immediate stop is not safe by any means. They need to work on this, they are lucky none of the accidents were fatalities. It’s funny how they always fail to mention that aspect of DWI checkpoints. Don’t take me wrong I believe we should get drunk drivers off the road but it shouldn’t put sober drivers at risk.

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