Surviving teen driver of Scott Owens crash moving on

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Wren Abbott with the Santa Fe Reporter has a nice article today with Avree Koffman, the surviving driver in a Subaru that was involved in a June 2009 crash with Scott Owens.

Koffman, now a student at Santa Fe Community College, was not impaired at the time of the crash according to all medical records and she now spends a lot of time doing volunteer work to, among other things, continue the path her best friend, Rose Simmons who was killed in the crash, was on before the crash that killed her and three more of their teen friends.

Considering the reaction of the past week to the verdict, I think Koffman, who does not remember the accident and suffered severe brain trauma, has a very mature, down-to-earth viewpoint on the trial:

“Either way [the verdict] would have gone, it’s not changing anything; it doesn’t bring my friends back. The accident still affects me every day, but this trial for me has nothing to do with me grieving over the lives [lost].”

Check out the Reporter’s article here:

And here are a couple of last week’s article from The New Mexican:

  1. FV says:

    Avree Koffman and her parents should all be in jail. Had she not been fooling around on the road that night WITHOUT A LICENSE this would have never happend. No Owens should not have been driving drunk but that does not make him guilty. Some people really know what happend that night. But Avree should face charges as well as her parents for not abiding the law.

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