Murder charges dropped for 3 of 4 suspects in 1998 alleged murder-for-hire plot

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Clockwise from top left: Frankie King, Marcos Montoya, Chris Garcia and Andrew Roessler are the four men Santa Fe Police have said were involved in the 1998 shooting death of 44-year-old Mitchell Hanrahan.

State prosecutors on Wednesday filed nolle prosequi paperwork for three of four suspects in the 1998 shooting death of Mitchell Hanrahan, the 44-year-old state Environment Department’s Solid Waste Bureau employee who was found dead in his southside apartment.

Assistant District Attorney Shanon Riley’s filing dismissed (without prejudice) three murder counts — one each for Frankie King, 32, Andrew Roessler, 33, and Chris Gilbert Garcia, 34. The filings stated the dismissals were “in the best interest of justice.”

The charges can be refiled by state prosecutors or, because there is a possible murder-for-hire scenario in this case, federal prosecutors could even get involved and pursue a case (although that is unlikely).

All three men plan to plead the Fifth and not testify against the fourth suspect in the 13-year-old murder case, Marcos Montoya, 32, whose murder trial starts Monday in state district court. Police say he was the shooter in what they have hinted through the years was a murder for hire plot.

Police say Gloria Chavez Hanrahan, Mitchell Hanrahan’s estranged wife, stood to receive money from his state retirement account and life-insurance policies as long as their divorce case, which he filed five months before his death, hadn’t been finalized. The couple had been scheduled to appear at a court proceeding the day after he was killed.

Here is a link to some recent articles, including the top one which is published in Thursday’s New Mexican:


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