Gov. Martinez fulfills a promise but First Dude Franco is the Kingpin of the family

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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CLICK TO ENLARGE: The scoreboard don't lie. Gov. Martinez, apparently texting other politicians around the state about her bowling score, fulfilled her promise to bowl at least 100 Sunday at a benefit for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Northern New Mexico. She did not, however, beat First Gentleman Chuck Franco, who rolled a 153.

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Strike Gold Lanes in Pojoaque for the Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser event for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Northern New Mexico.

It was also the first annual First Gentleman’s Bowl as Chuck Franco took part in the event and says he plans to each year he’s in Santa Fe and also will try to do so in Las Cruces.

Before the event started, Gov. Martinez said she hadn’t bowled in years — not since her days bowling with a team from the DA’s office in Las Cruces called the “Gutter Babes” — but promised she’s bowl at least 100.

I was afraid if she didn’t hit the 100 her staffers on hand would require me to put in a formal Inspection of Public Records Act request for her scorecard, a request that would surely be denied.

Fortunately for the Governor, she hit 123 fulfilling her promise to her bowling constituents. But it was the First Dude Chuck Franco who won the game with a 153.

Politics aside (Gov. Richardson was a former Big Brother and his wife would take part in this annual event most of the past eight years), Martinez and Franco brought a little extra attention to a good cause and bowled with several “littles” who have benefited being a part of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters’ goal in their annual month-long bowling events in the area is to raise $150,000 and Sunday’s event brought in more than $11,000, not counting the $54,000 in corporate sponsorships already pledged.

As for Franco, a genuinely nice guy to spend an afternoon bowling with, now that the session is over and he and his wife can start settling in a bit in Santa Fe, expect him to start picking up steam in picking up pet projects he can help out with around the state, many of which will be law-enforcement based charities and causes.

And for the record, before it was clear she’d hit that 100, Gov. Martinez tried distracting people from the scorecard by doing such things as the electric slide with a bunch of co-workers and kids and taking part in screaming at the top of her lungs trying to win for her team the team spirit award (sorry, that went to the team one lane over, the Gutter Girls — a team that included two men).

She also told me that while her and Chuck are by no means avid bowlers, they have bowled together in the past. “That’s when I first realized he was bow legged,” Martinez said. “He would go up there and bowl and I realized I could see the pins between his legs.”

Lets see my colleagues Trip Jennings, Kate Nash and Steve Terrell come up with inside politics info like that! What about you Heath?


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