Woman pleads guilty in stabbing death of boyfriend she says assaulted her

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Diana Urban (Photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

The 45-year-old woman who stabbed and killed her longtime live-in boyfriend in November at the Coronado Condominiums off Cerrillos Road pleaded guilty on Thursday to voluntary manslaughter.

Because the limited psychological evaluation Diana Urban already underwent only was aimed at determining whether she was competent to stand trial and not her amenability to treatment (she has alcohol abuse problems), State District Judge Michael Vigil ordered she undergo another evaluation before he can determine how much, if any, of the 0-6 year sentence should be served incarcerated and how much, if any, should be served while in a treatment program.

Urban claims Jerome Atencio had hit her and was trying to rape her when she stabbed him. The couple had a long history of domestic violence reports filed on each with Santa Fe PD. She was also in an occasional sexual relationship with a 23-year-old boy who, by the way, happened to be drinking with the couple the night of the stabbing.

Urban’s sentencing is scheduled for April 21, assuming her eval is completed by then.

Here are some past articles/posts on the case, including one published in Friday’s New Mexican:

  1. Evangeline de Lopez says:

    Ms. Urban appears to be within her rights if she was defending herself. On the other hand, numerous factors appear to be missing or not immediately made available to the writer of this crime incident.

    I hope the attorney who represents her covers all the basics. From what I read, it does not look like Ms. Urban stabbed Atencio with prior thought or intention.

    The incident has the appearance of battered partner syndrome, not only was Ms. Urban under the influence of alcohol, in this last and final incident, of she may have felt that she was fighting for her life.

    It is difficult to assume anything without having all the facts. Ms. Urban appears to live a challenging existence. I hope she is given the opportunity to receive and is willing to accept long-term mental health therapy.

  2. […] Woman pleads guilty in stabbing death of boyfriend she says assaulted her […]

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