(W/ VIDEO) State Police seen tasing handcuffed man; could face civil lawsuit

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Image from a New Mexico State Police dashboard video camera. See video to KOB-TV story with footage of arrest at bottom of this blog post.

A criminal case against a Mexican national who I’m told has legal status to be in the United State was tossed on Friday by a Rio Arriba County Magistrate Judge when it was determined state police didn’t have a proper warrant in the case.

The bigger picture story out of the incident, however, is a potential civil lawsuit against New Mexico State Police Officers who can be seen on a dashboard camera from one of their own squad cars being very aggressive in their arrest of the man, including using a taser several times on the man while he is handcuffed. (See video at bottom of this post)

State Police say they are reviewing the video for possible disciplinary action and also say the man, Julio Caballero, did get money back he said officers stole from him during the incident.

Caballero is being represented by attorney A.J. Salazar.

Unfortunately I did not work on Friday and did not cover the would-be trial (again, it was tossed by a judge before it started, anyway). But Gadi Schwartz with our news partners at KOB-TV has an on-air segment about the case including dashboard camera video.

The video, which is 40 minutes long, does not show all the actions leading up to the arrest so I am not implying Caballero, did nothing wrong. But the pieces shown in the KOB-TV segment clearly show several officers involved in the aggressive arrest and one of them using a taser on the man who, at the time, appears to be laying on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Here is Gadi’s story on KOB:


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