New Mexico State Police graduate 16 new officers

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

New Mexico State Police graduation on Friday. (Courtesy photo)

I cashed in a few of many comp hours I’ve built up over the past several months and took Friday off, which means I missed, among other cops/courts events a graduating class of the New Mexico State Police.

Truth is we don’t always cover a graduation like this anyway, but I have no problem posting the news release about and a courtesy photo on a crime blog like this.

Here is a news release sent out Friday by Lt. Eric Garcia on the ceremony:

With a brisk chill in the Santa Fe air the State Police graduation ceremony kicked off as the officers marched around the corner with steam coming from their mouths and lined up like sharply dressed locomotives, the steam increases and the echo we once heard is now a clear crisp cadence of marching commands.

Standing front and center this morning with her husband, a career law enforcement officer, First Gentlemen Chuck Franco was our own Governor Susana Martinez, which was an honor to see as several Governors have been invited, however, only Governor Martinez has welcomed the invitation.  The proud new addition of New Mexico State Police Officers have taken their oath of office to enforce the laws of New Mexico, the oath was well earned after 1200 hours of vigorous training.

“These State Police Officers have been tasked with a mission to serve and protect,” said Governor Susana Martinez. “As a career prosecutor, I know firsthand the sacrifice that our law enforcement officers make in order to keep our communities safe. As Governor, I promise that law enforcement will have the tools they need to protect our fellow New Mexicans.”

“The sacrifice that these young men have endured while being away from their families attending the resident State Police academy for over 20 weeks has shown to us that they are well prepared to face the challenges ahead” said Secretary Gorden E. Eden Jr. of the Department of Public Safety.

“We welcome the newest members of the New Mexico State Police with energy, enthusiasm, and pride.  Their dedication and willingness to serve the citizens of New Mexico is a characteristic cherished by our organization, and appreciated by the citizens we serve.  I wish them the best in their new careers.” said Interim Chief Robert Shilling.

This graduating class includes:

  • Arturo Alvarado Jr.
  • Sergio Abraham Aranda
  • Jerry E. Arnold
  • Orlando Adrian Ayers
  • Nathanahel Benitez
  • Joshua James Campos
  • Johnny Ray Chavez
  • Steven R. Farmer
  • Victor R. Flores
  • Joel J. Holloway
  • Leo “Kent” Palmer
  • Adam V. Sandoval
  • Randy A. Sandoval
  • Nathan Searle
  • Carl “Ray” Wilson Jr.
  • Jonathan I. Wright
  1. sarah says:

    I’m so proud of my cousin Adam I know he worked his butt off and now he’s a officer GOOD JOB ADAM!!!!!!!!!


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