Obituary: Breandra Angelique Nevaeh Peña (17-months-old)

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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BreAndra Angelique Peña (Courtesy photo)

Here is a link to the obituary for 17-month-old Breandra Angelique Nevaeh Peña, the girl who died Tuesday in the Española area and below is a statement from the girl’s family (from grandmother Kathy Romero).

Police have charged 24-year-old Nathan Montoya with her death and are still trying to figure out who may have sexually assaulted the girl prior to her death and hoping an autopsy will given them a working timeline for when the injuries occurred.

Here is the DeVargas Funeral Home obituary link:

As of early Thursday morning when I am posting this at about 1:30 a.m., the service for little Brea were still pending. I will update that information when I can and also let people know if there is a fund being set up to help the family with funeral and burial costs.

Also, here is an e-mailed statement the girl’s grandmother, Kathy Romero, sent our news partners at KOB-TV on Wednesday morning:

Brea was a sweet little angel. She had many nicknames such as “Brea Brea Sopapilla”, “Bumble Brea”, “Eskimo Pie”. She will be dearly missed.

There are no questions or answers that can give us comfort now. Brea went for a visit with her godmother and Nathan on Friday. Her mother and father who live in Albuquerque expected to have their daughter returned after the short visit. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Brea’s family (including sister, brother, mother, father, grandmothers, great-grandfather, godmother, uncles, aunts, and many cousins) are deeply saddened by the passing Brea at such a young age.

Nathan was not honest with Brea’s family about his past legal troubles. Brea is at peace now and Nathan has a long time to think about his actions.

She is literally “Pure as the undriven snow” and we know she has gone to heaven.

  1. Crystal says:

    A precious little baby girl, who was pure in every way, and innocent. This little girl though she is gone, and we are very saddened as far away as AZ. Just received her free ticket home in heaven to be with our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. May she rest in peace, and may proper justice be brought to this man who committed this utmost horrific crime, that can possibly be the worst thing any human being can be capable of. May God be his judge. My prayers are with the mother and father of this child, and with the entire family during their time of grief and loss. May she be remembered as the beautiful, innocent, purest of heart, child.

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  3. Samantha says:

    What a beautiful baby girl! My daughter is 16 months and they resemble each other in many ways! My heart goes out to the family of Beautiful baby Brea. I couldn’t help but break down and cry once I read this sad story. I pray justice is served for Brea! Please Please please send this monster to Prison!!!! He does not deserve anything but to ROT in his tiny cell all alone! FOREVER!!
    Inmates love sex offenders and child killers! I wish you no luck you sick monster!
    Prayers, peace and love to the family of this beautiful baby girl!!

  4. Martha Rael says:

    When will these mothers wake up and quit leaving these innocent children with these very sick people. I am babysitting my granddaughter, because I do not even trust those in day care. These mothers have no one to blame but themselves! How many more innocents are out there going through this. They would rather have a low-life boyfriend then just making sure their helpless children are safe. Just looking at that guy gives me the creeps!

  5. I have to agree with Martha. STOP and think, single moms! STOP leaving your precious babies in the care of men who are not their fathers. Sometimes even fathers are not to be trusted. Why do women keep doing this knowing what is reported on the news?!! Your children rely on YOU to protect them!!

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