Police: Sex offender may have sexually assaulted, killed toddler

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Nathan Montoya (Photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail ... this is not the booking mug associated with his current arrest)

A 24-year-old El Llano man is being held in connection with the suspected beating death of a 17-month-old girl he was babysitting and police say medical personnel who examined the girl saw indications the girl may have been sexually abused.

Breandra Peña was pronounced dead Tuesday afternoon at an Española hospital.

Nathan Montoya, who pleaded guilty to criminal sexual contact of a minor in 2008, was being held Tuesday night in the Rio Arriba County jail on one count of child abuse resulting in death.

I was out of Santa Fe on Tuesday on assignment so two other reporters picked this story up for The New Mexican — Tom Sharpe and Julie Ann Grimm. Here is some of the article they wrote that is published in Wednesday’s New Mexican:

Montoya, 24, is believed to have been baby-sitting the child at the residence he and his girlfriend, the child’s godmother, rented at 1909 Lopez Lane in El Llano.

(Sheriff’s spokesman Jake) Arnold said he had no information on the child’s biological parents.

According to a probable-cause statement by Lt. Adam Archuleta of the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office, Montoya called 911 on Tuesday afternoon to report the child was not breathing.

At Española Hospital, a doctor pronounced Breandra dead of blunt-force trauma and observed what he thought were signs of sexual abuse on the child’s body.

Archuleta said the child had red contusions on both ears, abrasions to her left forehead, left cheek and nose, several small bruises to the chest and two bald spots that might have been caused by having her hair pulled out.

Here is the link to Wednesday’s story for more details:

  1. Michelle Martinez says:

    They will probably give him a light sentence, nothing even close to paying for what he did. I’m sickened by the sentences these abusers receive. I think once you hurt a child in that way, you shouldn’t pay with anything short of death for ruining the life of a child.

  2. george griego says:

    i am speechless. what was this habitual sexual offender doing unsupervised with an innocent baby? our judicial system is a total joke and will no doubt set him free on a technicality. it would be nice to see some wild west justice to prevent this looser from doing this again!

  3. Bob Ortiz says:

    Shoot him in the nads and leave him to die.

  4. […] Police: Sex offender may have sexually assaulted, killed toddler […]

  5. Samantha says:

    How could anyone do this to a beautiful innocent child? All i have to say is inmates love sex offenders and child killers! I hope he gets it everyday of his sick pathetic life in prison!
    My prayers go out to the Mother, father and entire family of baby Brea! Even though she had a short life, it sure sounds like she made the best of it and made so many ppl around her happy! I know seeing her little picture just put a huge smile on my face. but soon turned to tears after thinking of what she endured from this sick punk!
    Please let justice be served!!!!! Please God!

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