SFPD releases stats on weekend DWI checkpoint

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A five-car accident on Cerrillos leaves a pair of sisters dead and others injured. (Natalie Guillen/The New Mexican)

Santa Fe PD on Saturday night made three DWI-related arrests as part of a DWI checkpoint at the site of a 2010 crash that killed two sisters. (more stats below)

Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the deaths of Del Lynn Peshlakai, 17, and Deshauna Peshlakai, 19. They were the sisters police say were killed by repeat drunk driver James Ruiz.

SFPD held the check point on the anniversary of the crash and at the site of the crash. The checkpoint was near the intersection of Cerrillos and Cristos roads in southwest Santa Fe, near Interstate 25 where the girls and their family were driving to on their way home after a high school basketball game.

Here are some stats from the operation, which SFPD led but had assistance from New Mexico State Police and Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, according to SFPD Detective Sgt. Louis Carlos:

  • Officers made contact with 3,100 vehicles
  • Police made 5 arrests — three on DWI charges, one on a charge of driving with a revoked license and one on an unspecified outstanding court warrant
  • Four traffic citations were issued
  • There was 100 percent compliance, meaning no vehicles tried driving through the check point or were caught turning around when they saw it ahead
  • There were a total of 14 officers working the operation
  1. Matt Massena says:

    Just received a tweet from SFPD.

    SANTA FE PD: Muti-agency DWI Check Point held on March 5, 2011 resulted 3,100 driver contacts, 10 arrests and multiple citations.

    Geoff, can you confirm whether or not it was 5 or 10 arrests?

  2. geoffgrammer says:

    Thanks for the post. Since I had the info earlier this morning, I didn’t even read through the Nixel alert. I just called police and my blog post — 5 arrests — is correct. The Nixel has an error in it.

    Geoff Grammer

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