N.M. Court of Appeals judge charged with aggravated DWI

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Robert E. Robles (Image courtesy coa.nmcourts.gov)

Albuquerque police say N.M. Court of Appeals Judge Robert Robles was arrested early Wednesday in the 5000 block of Jefferson Northeast in Albuquerque and charged with aggravated DWI.

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News (Las Cruces is where Robles was a 16-year attorney and 16-year state district judge), APD officer Robert Gibbs says Robles, 60, had a blood-alcohol content of 0.20, more than twice the legal limit.

Here is the article:

On a DWI-related note — there is no indication that Robles is a repeat DWI offender … to my knowledge — Gov. Susana Martinez on Wednesday announced she’s all for legislation that will allow police to seize vehicles of repeat drunk drivers and she is for increasing the penalties of repeat drunk drivers (like John Chavez?).

Specifically, she’s backed a couple of measures being pushed by fellow Republicans. One is an effort by Rep. Zach Cook (R-Ruidoso) that would require a second DWI conviction to result in vehicle seizure (based on Albuquerque’s five-year-old law).

Martinez also endorsed a bill pushed by Rep. Tim Lewis (R-Rio Rancho) that would increase prison terms for repeat offenders, starting with fourth convictions. A seventh conviction and each one after seven would carry a four-year prison term.

Hearing the Governor push for tougher penalties on DWI isn’t anything new. She campaigned on such claims before and at least three of the state’s sheriff’s (including former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano) tried challenging her record on DWI in the following YouTube clip:



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