Was ‘lesson learned’ from boy’s death to oppose same-sex marriage?

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Leland Valdez died Jan. 26. Police say he was beat to death by his mother and her live-in boyfriend. (Courtesy photo)

In Sunday’s Letters to the Editor section of The New Mexican, there was one letter from José Vásquez that suggested “the lesson learned from the Leland Valdéz tragedy is that it’s best by far to support traditional marriages.”

It was the first time I’ve heard this argument in the aftermath of the boy’s death and thought there would be plenty of readers who would find his perspective interesting.

Here is the two paragraph letter that published on Sunday:

The healthiest relationship for children is the traditional family — one man, one woman, married as husband and wife. Despite attempts to redefine family, history has always proven this to be exactly true. The question we always ask after a horrific tragedy such as the death of little Leland Valdéz is “could it have been prevented?” The best we’ve done so far is blame the little boy’s death on Children, Youth and Families Department, the Sheriff’s Department and the boy’s father for not showing up in court.

Several bills declaring marriage in New Mexico as being between one man and one woman have been introduced in the current Legislature. We should work to strengthen one man, one woman marriages, rather than manipulating and sanctioning other relationships. The lesson learned from the Leland Valdéz tragedy is that it’s best by far to support traditional marriages.

— José Vásquez, Santa Fe

  1. Supermarkmtz says:

    Nah, it’s not interesting. It’s completely nonsensical. Mr. Vasquez’ letter seems to lack any cause and effect relationship between the tragedy and his agenda. Your blog title says he supports same-sex marriage where his letter discusses supporting only traditional marriage. Typo on your part?

  2. geoffgrammer says:

    You’re correct. Complete typo on my part. I am fixing it now.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Geoff Grammer

  3. Jason Taselli says:

    Unfortunately, Jose Vasquez is living in the past. I’m sorry I missed this original post on the NM’s site, but Jose and others like him need to realize that this is what’s known as “evolution” – times change. “Traditional marriages” aren’t any more stable, without fault, without violence or with factual basis “successful” for the child/children than other* situations.

    *Other = same sex, non-married, farm animals, etc.

    People who are stuck on this belief are also stuck on religion and a half-dozen other farces that all seem to provide them comfort and by that rationale they believe it should be the solution for everyone else. Religious beliefs are like sex – both should be performed behind closed doors, nobody cares anymore what you believe, stop shoving it in others faces.

    Traditionally speaking, of course.

  4. Victor says:

    Jose Vasquez you’re an idiot, it’s your “traditional” marriage of a man/woman who beat the life out of a little boy! Leland’s passing has nothing to with gay or straight marriage. It has to do with a piece of shit, loser mother and her drugged out over qualified Loser boyfriend.

    Jose Vasquez get your head out of your ass! Don’t use Leland passing from abuse for your personal agenda. I can guarantee any gay couple that has or wishes to have children would NEVER beat the life out them.

    The lessons we should learn from Leland’s passing is to parent your children. Gay or straight parents, it’s your responsibility! Don’t be so selfish, you have children to love and nurture and see the best of you continue on this planet not beat the life out of a harmless 3 year old. Listen to children when they tell you somethings wrong THEY’RE ALWAYS RIGHT! DIRECTED TO both parents or social workers and family members and family friends.

    The most important lesson is to educate the public on signs to see relating to abuse a child may be enduring at home.

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