Albuquerque police confirm there was semen in that yogurt

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Anthony Garcia

Yes, in one of those stories where the headline pretty much tells you what you need to know, I present to you the following passage from KOB investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola’s personal blog:

A woman’s apparent recognition of the taste of semen played a key role in the now famous semen-yogurt case.

Sunflower Market employee Anthony Garcia hasn’t been charged in the yogurt-semen case just yet.

The short story: Female customer at an Albuquerque grocery story tastes a sample of yogurt and recognizes the taste of semen. Testing by investigators confirms her suspicions.

Today police confirmed the DNA matches Garcia who offered the woman his…..sample.

Here is a link to the KOB story (w/ video … don’t worry, it is suitable for work):

I must say I am glad this story was in Albuquerque so I didn’t have to report on it myself.

  1. geoffgrammer says:

    Wait! There’s more…

    Two more women make tainted yogurt claims according to KOB-TV.

    Geoff Grammer

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