Former State Police Chief says Guv’s order won’t change much

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Former New Mexico State Police Chief Faron Segotta. (Photo courtesy

Former New Mexico State Police Chief Faron Segotta, who retired in December, says the highly-publicized and highly-debated executive order of Gov. Susana Martinez from last week concerning immigration checks won’t mean much change for the department’s police force.

According to Segotta, state police were already doing as much.

This from Barry Massey’s Associated Press article published Feb. 4:

During Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson’s administration, the state police often would ask about the immigration status of those arrested for crimes and even of some people stopped for traffic violations if they believed a crime had been committed, former chief Faron Segotta told The Associated Press.

Segotta, a 28-year state police veteran who retired at the end of December, said he “didn’t see a whole lot of change” in the executive order Martinez issued this week requiring state agency law-enforcement officers to ask about the immigration status of those arrested for crimes.

I wonder how many of the Democratic lawmakers who have said this order would lead to racial profiling feel hearing that it’s actually been happening for years and they didn’t, it seems, even notice.

  1. Charlesmackentosh says:

    I believe our state police are highly trained to deal with cultural diversity in our state. The debate of racial profiling is unlikely; however, our state police should not be enforcing federal immigration laws that open the gates to future civil rights lawsuits. It is a fact the immigration customs enforcement agency are violating civil rights of natural us citizens across the nation under the disguise of the homeland security 9/11 scarce. This type of unethical behavior needs to stop and our Governor should know better not to enforce any federal immigration law that has no legal teeth or support from the courts.

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