Larceny, animal cruelty charges dropped against Owings

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Natalie Owings hugs one of a dozen puppies she recently received from the Aztec, N.M., animal shelter. (New Mexican file photo/Ben Swan)

Remember when the drama surrounding former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano was his insistence to press larceny and animal cruelty charges against Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary owner Natialie Owings despite cries from her passionate supporters to drop all charges?

All those charges have now been dropped.

Solano, now facing more than 250 embezzlement (and one fraud) charges once said in that case:

“We have to make sure we would act on this just as we would any other call we got about a bunch of animals in a vehicle at some business somewhere. It can’t be any different.”

Solano also said…

“I think we send the wrong message to the community if we ignore what is an obvious dog theft. … It’s really a clear-cut theft case here.”

In contrast, here is what Solano’s replacement, Robert Garcia said Wednesday of his decision to drop the charges:

“It was in the best interests of all involved here. In my opinion, she seems very sincere in her love and care for animals. … I plan on actually visiting the sanctuary up in the Glorieta area because I hear from my supervisor of animal control that she runs a pretty good and sharp operation.”

I’m wondering if Solano is now crossing his fingers that someone has a similar change of heart in his case?

I have been bogged down with a lot of other projects this week so I wasn’t able to report this case as I did throughout it unfolding last fall, but I wish I could have. Instead, Tom Sharpe wrote the article that is published in Thursday’s New Mexican:

Also, here are some past articles on the case:



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