Santa Fe prosecutor now on Governor’s staff

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Former First Judicial District Attorney’s Office Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Padgett left that gig for another last week.

Padgett, a real good local prosecutor who handled a good number of the higher profile cases in Santa Fe, is now a part of Governor Susana Martinez’s general counsel.

Padgett had been lead prosecutor on the Jennifer Stephenson trial, which begins Monday before State District Judge Michael Vigil. Stephenson faces 18 years in prison for a first-degree child abuse resulting in great bodily harm charge after police say her 2-year-old son’s legs nearly had to be amputated after appearing to have been tied up.

More on this trial in The New Mexican in the coming week. For now, here are a couple of the past articles in that case:

  1. Sarit Heschel says:

    If Susana Martinez is truly an advocate for those children who are abused and some unto death, then I hope she hears me now: Drop the 18 year mandatory sentence and make it a mandatory life without parole sentence!!! How can the current law be any kind of justice for children who suffer and die at the hand of evil, hate filled adults? Why is losing their life any less valuable than any other first degree murder case which would bring a stiffer sentence? The life of Leland Valdez, the little 3 year old baby who was beaten to death (for supposedly peeing in his pants) needs to be AVENGED! They CYFD system FAILED him. SUSANA MARTINEZ and JENNIFER PADGETT do not let the justice system fail him as well.

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