Should Greg Solano’s $25,000 cash bond have been given back?

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano, with SF police Chief Aric Wheeler in the background. (Santa Fe New Mexican file photo)

While I think many agree that if, indeed, former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano is to be treated like anyone else as Clovis-based District Attorney Matt Chandler has said, then a $25,000 cash-only bond for non-violent offenses for a man who has already been deemed a non-flight risk is a bit much.

Bonds, simply put, are NEVER that high for these cases (maybe they should be, but the reality is they simply aren’t at this point so it’s hard to say it is similar treatment).

But how do you feel about him getting the entire bond amount back?

Solano had the cash bond transferred over by State District Judge Stephen Pfeffer to an unsecured signature bond meaning Solano gets the $25,000 back and only owes if he doesn’t show up for any court appearances?

Here is the article that ran in Wednesday’s New Mexican about the topic with more details, including Chandler not opposing the reduction:

  1. robert says:

    What a crock. An admitted thief gets his entire bond back. Only has to pay if he doesnt show for court. I didnt realize that bonds were totally on the honor system. Yup, Im sure that happens for all common criminals. What a joke

    • Joker Magee says:

      Greg you are the joke here, I cant believe you think you still can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. I cant wait till they sentence you to PRISON….

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