Ex-Sheriff Greg Solano booked, released from Santa Fe County Jail

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano was booked into jail Wednesday afternoon. (Photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Greg Solano, the former Santa Fe County Sheriff, was arrested around 2 p.m. today at his attorney’s downtown office about an hour before Clovis-based DA Matt Chandler held a press conference announcing the arrest.

Solano, arrested without incident at the law offices of Brooke Gamble, has been charged with 252 total criminal offenses and faces up to 250 years in prison for his alleged embezzlement of county items that he admitted to selling on eBay for personal gain.

  • Counts 1-134 are embezzlement less than $250 (petty misdemeanor)
  • Counts 135-145 are embezzlement more than $250 but less than $500 (misdemeanor)
  • Counts 146-251 are embezzlement more than $500 but less than $2,000 (4th degree felony)
  • Count 252 is for fraud greater than $20,000 (a 2nd degree felony)

His bond was set at $25,000 cash only.

UPDATE (5:15 p.m. — Solano was released at 5:01 p.m. according to jail records)

I’ll have more info when I can post it.

  1. fred stokes says:

    So why were comments closed on the story on Solano’s arrest? I don’t think it was your decision — IMO, you enjoy the attention.

    And how could Solano commit a fraud greater than $20,000?

  2. geoffgrammer says:

    The comments on The New Mexican’s site, as you guessed… not my call.

    As for the fraud over $20,000, the total cost of the county-owned items Solano stole/embezzled from the county to sell on eBay, according to police reports, is around $60,000. So that isn’t in any one embezzlement charge that he is alleged to have sold a county item for more than $20,000, but the total tab to the county was more than $20,000 … police say.

    Hope this helps some.

    Geoff Grammer

    • fred stokes says:

      Thanks for the answer.

      From Reuters:

      Chandler, at a press conference Wednesday, said the former sheriff had been using the proceeds from the sales for gambling and other “personal habits.”

      What personal habits? Is this why comments were closed? There’s not going to be any mention of these other personal habits?

  3. geoffgrammer says:

    Not sure what other “personal habits” Chandler was referring to but I’ve been working the poker angle for weeks and there is nothing I can verify at this point. The article for tomorrow’s New Mexican addressing the gambling allegation and I talked to Greg personally after his release from jail this evening and he flat out said the gambling references are not true.

    I am still poking around chasing leads on his gambling, but until I can verify them, they won’t be in print. I was surprised Chandler made that reference (although he and I have talked about the gambling issue in recent weeks) because there is not a mention of it in the 42-page arrest warrant affidavit and state police have told me that while they’re looking into it, they have not pinned that down yet themselves, hence no mention in their affidavits.

    That isn’t to say it isn’t true, by any means. But it is unique for a prosecutor to say something like that in front of reporters when not even his case agents from state police working the case are comfortable confirming that information yet.

    If/when I get a little more on the gambling allegations, I will definitely publish that info, but I have not 100 percent confirmed it yet.

    Geoff Grammer

    • fred stokes says:

      Again, thanks.

      Other personal habits pique the curiosity because to be relevant they would have to be fairly expensive. So they probably don’t include things like chewing gum or playing chess or reading good books or posting on Facebook.

      It is kind of strange that the prosecutor would say something like that without giving us a clue.

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