Notorious Daniel Martinez indicted on rape charges

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Daniel Martinez (photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Well the way it was dragging on and on and on, it appeared as though Daniel Martinez, one of Santa Fe’s most notorious criminals who now believes he is a targeted man by local law enforcement, was never going to get indicted on sexual assault charges stemming from allegations he raped a woman while running from police in May after escaping state police custody.

That changed this week.

A Santa Fe grand jury returned an indictment on Martinez that included four counts of criminal sexual penetration, two of attempted CSP and one of kidnapping with intent to commit great bodily injury/death/or a sexual offense.

The delay had a lot to do, prosecutors say, with jurisdictional dilemmas between Santa Fe and Albuquerque since the alleged crimes covered two counties.

Here is a brief run down of the indictment on Martinez posted Saturday on The New Mexican’s website:

Here is what his attorney, Tom Clark, told me in November when Daniel took a plea on another case about the rape allegations and whether they’d ever lead to an indictment:

“They’ve known each other for years. Their families have known each other for years. … My theory is that sometime after the fact, maybe she must have realized Daniel was wanted by the police and had to make up a story to cover up her tracks. Otherwise, she’s a conspirator to escape.”

And of his client being targeted for false allegations from “overzealous” cops, Clark said this:

“There are still many in the law-enforcement community that think Daniel Martinez got away with something 20 years ago and think he needs to pay for that crime. My position is he is innocent until proven guilty, and the facts in this case have shown he was not guilty of many of the charges brought against him.”

— AND —

“Daniel has been a target … a magnet of police investigations.”


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