An “OUT-OF-OFFICE” reply that may last awhile

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A reader pointed this out to us today…

As of 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, the e-mail link from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office website that allows people to share their concerns with the Sheriff sends the following automatically-generated reply:

SUBJECT: Out-Of-Office

Thank you for your email. A reponse will be provided within 1-2 business days. For immediate assistance you can contact:

Sheriff Greg Solano or Patricia Flores – Executive Assistant


Considering the imminent arrest warrant (see Tuesday’s story) Clovis-based DA Matt Chandler says is coming as early as the end of this week, I think it’s safe to say that Greg Solano will be “out-of-office” for quite awhile. But Patricia is still there and the new sheriff, Robert Garcia, I’m sure will still be addressing your concerns via that e-mail link.

Solano resigned Nov. 24 (CLICK HERE to see his resignation letter).


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