This isn’t the way The New Mexican was hoping to get readers hooked

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Darin Gerhardt (mug shot courtest of the Santa Fe County jail)

In a story that may finally explain why Santa Fe has so many news junkies, and a story that may finally warrant all the blame-the-media rhetoric newspapers usually get, I present to you this:

Santa Fe New Mexican street vendor Darin Gerhardt, 45, has been charged with stuffing heroin inside copies of The New Mexican he sells at the intersection of Camino Carlos Rey and Siring Road.

Here is the link to the article in Thursday’s newspaper:

Gerhardt, who late Wednesday was being held in the Santa Fe County jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond on a felony charge of drug trafficking, has sold papers for the New Mexican for more than a year and was found with 18 “BBs” of heroin (very small, tightly wrapped baggies of heroin) that a criminal complaint states he would stick inside folded newspapers and sell to clients who knew they could drive right up and make the transaction in broad daylight without cops being suspicious … until an informant told cops about the scheme.

This is the second time in under two years a New Mexican vendor has been accused of selling heroin with the daily paper.

Interesting side note, among the items confiscated by police when Gerhardt was arrested on Tuesday was one copy of Tuesday’s New Mexican. The lead story on the front page of that newspaper was Gov. Susana Martinez’s proposal to require DNA testing for all felony arrests, not convictions. Had her proposal already been a law, Gerhardt would be handing over his DNA for this arrest.

  1. geoffgrammer says:

    Wait, there’s more…

    SFPD later that day posed as a New Mexican street vendor and busted a heroin buyer.–seller-in-newspaper-drug-sale

    Geoff Grammer

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