New Years Eve DWI/crash stats from New Mexico State Police

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I haven’t posted anything here in a few days, but here is what state police sent out Monday (I was off and didn’t update it then):

State Police Officers working through the New Year’s Holiday weekend were actively patrolling in all corners of our wintery weather covered state, encountering motorist assists to DWI arrests, and through these patrols, the following statistics were accumulated from the District State Police offices:

  • Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes: 2
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes: 62
  • DWI Arrests: 30
  • Speeding Citations: 272
  • Motorist Assists: 75

With the continued presence of officers on our New Mexico roadways, the New Mexico State Police have and will continue to directly contribute to the state’s overall reduction in its national ranking. We are calling upon our New Mexico residents to help in the reduction of crashes by making the right choices and not drinking and driving, with this help and the assistance of the New Mexico media outlets we will have a safer New Mexico.



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