Santa Fe High trainer charged with child solicitation over Internet

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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David Romero, Jr. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County Jail)

Santa Fe police on Wednesday arrested a Santa Fe High School athletic trainer on one felony count of child solicitation utilizing an electronic communication device.

What police are saying so far is that David Romero Jr., 27, “utilized a social network to solicit sexual acts from a 15-year-old child,” according to Santa Fe Detective Sgt. Louis Carlos.

Romero, who does have direct communication and contact with high school athletes and has never been charged with any criminal act I can find through a quick criminal background check I did online, apparently had his communication with a teenager “intercepted” by undercover detectives with the department’s Crimes Against Children Unit. The CACU detectives then communicated with Romero and set up a sting operation in which Romero “drove to the location he believed the child resided for the purpose of performing a sexual act with the child,” according to Carlos.

Police are looking into whether there may be other children Romero may have contacted.

Romero has not yet been arraigned and a bond has not yet been set. Santa Fe County Magistrate Court, where his electronically-monitored arraignment from the jail will be conducted, is closed Thursday due to the snow.

I’ll be collecting info on this story throughout the day for a more in depth article in tomorrow’s paper.


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