Ex-fire captain pleads to charges he filmed female firefighter in shower

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Former Los Alamos Fire Capt. Aaron Adair pleaded no contest to voyeurism after being charged with filming a female firefighter in the shower at a White Rock fire station with the intent to watch it on a computer. (That is not his eye)

For those that didn’t see the story in Wednesday’s New Mexican, former Los Alamos fire captain Aaron Adair pleadded no contest on Tuesday to charges he filmed a female firefighter in a shower at a White Rock fire station in October.

Adair, a married father of five girls, resigned from his job last month and as part of his sentence, he has to serve 364 days of supervised probation, complete 100 hours of community service, complete 6 months of counseling (defense attorney Brooke Gamble pointed out he already enrolled voluntarily in counseling before the sentencing) and he also has to write three letters of apology — one to the 27-year-old female victim, one to the fire department and one to the community of Los Alamos to be published in the Los Alamos Monitor.

The woman and her attorney, John Day, did not think Adair should do jail time, but only asked he come forward with names of whoever else watched or took part in filming her. Adair has said the time he was caught was the first and only time he ever filmed her and he acted alone, never even watching the recording.

I’m guessing this woman, and deservedly so considering what her supervisor did to her, will be getting some financial damages out of all this. She has been on leave since the incident and here are some comments of hers to the judge in the case, as read by Day in court:

As a professional firefighter, I trusted my life to Mr. Adair and other firefighters I worked with.  I am disappointed and saddened by their actions.

I hoped to be respected for my skills and valued as a firefighter; instead, I found myself degraded by Mr. Adair and treated as a sex object.  Although I love my job, I’m not sure if I can continue as a Los Alamos Fire Department fiirefighter due to this betrayal.

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