Some soundoff on the county’s Gregslist scandal

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ex-Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano with Santa Fe Police Chief Aric Wheeler in background. (File photo/The New Mexican)

There has been plenty of reactions to the shocking Nov. 24 resignation of Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano after his admission to selling county property online (some far more clever than I have dubbed it the Gregslist scandal so I stole the phrase).

Sunday’s New Mexican had a pair of letters to the editor I thought I’d repost here for those who didn’t see them (these are just a couple from Sunday… there have been plenty more and a ton of online comments at the bottom of each story we’ve written).

LETTER 1 from Jack Bermúdez and Nohemi Guillen of Santa Fe:

We are two of thousands of voters who elected Greg Solano as Santa Fe County sheriff for two consecutive terms. The items that he has confessed to taking were to be discarded, disposed of or burned. Therefore, he should not be charged with a crime, but with misconduct only.

We the voters of Santa Fe county who elected him should have a say in this matter.

Greg Solano has been a good sheriff, very humble and very effective. Nobody is exempt from sin in this world: “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” We urge support for Sheriff Greg Solano and request that all charges against him be dropped.

LETTER 2 from Moya Melody of Santa Fe:

If I read once more about the “higher standards” that ex-sheriff Greg Solano and ex-sheriff’s deputy Solomon Romero are about to be held to, I will just scream. The alleged actions of those two don’t meet any standards at all!

Are people such as District Attorney “Spence” Pacheco saying that under normal standards, it is acceptable to sell public property online for one’s own profit or to steal the money intended to buy medicine for a child? Since when are higher standards required to find such actions reprehensible, not to mention illegal?

We are all equal in the eyes of the law. We don’t need any higher standards or higher laws; nor are such allowed. If Solano and/or Romero are found guilty, we are free to throw the book at them — the book of regular standards and regular laws, which would judge such actions despicable in any of us.

Like I said, there are plenty of other reactions to this story. These are just a couple I saw over the weekend I thought I’d share here.

Here are some Solano-related links:


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