The urban legend message that led to a lockdown of a Santa Fe elementary school

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Santa Fe police wrote out the entire text message that led to a Friday lockdown of a south-side elementary school.

On Friday, a woman forwarded a cellular telephone text message to who she thought was a friend. The message warned of gang initiations going on in which cars driving around with no headlights are full of new gang members waiting for others to flash their headlights at them. When that happens, according to the warning, the gangsters track that car down and kill everyone inside.

It’s that last part of the urban legend that has been around since the early 1980s when it was about the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang (at least according to that led to Cesar Chavez Community School in south Santa Fe being put on lockdown for a couple hours on Friday.

You see, the woman forwarding the text message, which was in Spanish, from her cell phone erroneously sent it to the administrative offices at the school. No big deal, right? Well apparently the school has text-to-speech technology and converted the woman’s text message into an audio file heard by a school employee.

So the phrase from the text message that reads “matar a todas las personas que estan adentro” that translates in English to “kill all the people who are inside” could come across as a bit worrisome. Considering the message is relayed from one of those computer-generated voices, I’d say t would probably be pretty intimidating.

The woman who sent the message was tracked down. Her cell phone was reviewed by police and it was pretty obvious it was an honest mistake so she won’t be charged.

But watch out who you forward your next spam junk mail/junk text messages to.


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