Madrid promoted to undersheriff, other promotions announced

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Ron Madrid (Photo taken from county website)

Newly sworn in Santa Fe County Sheriff Robert Garcia on Wednesday announced long time Major Ron Madrid, who has been with the department for 27 years, will be the new undersheriff.

With that move, Capt. Robert Riggs, a 17-year veteran, bumps up to assume Madrid’s old rank of Major.

The department has been conducting promotional testing for the past several weeks — even before all the recent scandal surrounding ex-Sheriff Greg Solano erupted. Below are some of those promotions…

Here is a list of recent promotions from corporol to sergeant within the department:

  • Daniel Chavez
  • Richard Sisneros
  • William Pacheco
  • Jose Rodriguez

Here is a list of recent promotions from deputy to corporol within the department:

  • Rafael Rodriguez
  • Michael Martinez
  • Diego Lucero
  • Ron Crow

Said Garcia in an e-mail:

I have full confidence in these individuals in assisting me in leading this agency forward with the highest degree of integrity and service to the citizens of Santa Fe County.

These promotions will open up vacancies within the ranks. Promotional testing will take place once again and further announcements will take place at a later date.

Of course in light of recent news, Garcia and the department were eager to not only get these promotions and internal moves made quickly, they are more than happy to get the news out to the media as they did this morning. For a couple minutes, anyway, it is news of non-corruption at the department.

Now, back to that corruption…

Here is a link to Wednesday’s ex-sheriff Greg Solano story: State Police say Solano hawked new goods

Here is a link to Wednesday’s ex-deputy Solomon Romero story: Deputy accused of theft resigns

  1. The newly elected Sheriff Robert Garcia really has a morale problem with his department. He decides to pick the famous Major Ron Madrid as his Undersheriff. Go figure? What makes this Madrid guy any different in terms of fixing the morale problem with this department? As far as I know from a reliable source, every deputy, including admiinistrative staff cannot stand this Madrid dude at all. It is all about honesty, intgerity, respect and creditability and definitely, Undersheriff Madrid lacks all those positive attributes. Isn’t this the same person that was busted for DWI and the former Sheriff’s Benji Montano and Raymon Sisenros bailed him out a couple years ago? Alot of people know the inside stuff that is going on in the sheriff’s department and I am hoping the State Auditor finds alot more garbage in the future days to come.

  2. geoffgrammer says:

    Madrid was arrested for DWI in February 2001. He pleaded no contest in municipal court to the charge in March 2001. Current Deputy District Attorney Doug Couleur was his defense attorney for the case that was adjudicated before former Municipal Court Judge Fran Gallegos.

    Here is the next day article written by the New Mexican on that case from the Feb. 10, 2001, Santa Fe New Mexican:

    Sheriff’s major charged with DWI

    Maj. Ron Madrid, third in command at the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, was on personal leave Friday after his off-duty arrest on a drunken-driving charge.

    Sheriff Ray Sisneros said Madrid, 40, failed a field sobriety test after he was stopped by a city police officer about 1:40 a.m. on Cerrillos Road near St. Michael’s Drive and cited for driving 44 mph in a zone with a speed limit of 35 mph.

    Madrid registered .13 on a breath-alcohol test, Sisneros said. The legal limit for drivers in New Mexico is .08.

    The sheriff said Madrid, who has been with the sheriff’s department for more than 17 years, spent six hours in jail, as required by the municipal judge, before he was released on bond.

    Sisneros said Madrid is scheduled to report for duty on Monday.

    Madrid was driving his own vehicle at the time of the arrest, and he had no citations on his driving record.

    I will say that I know several sheriff’s department employees (officers and other) who have spoken highly to me of Undersheriff Madrid as recently as today after the announcement, but also before he was named Undersheriff.

    That is not to say your comment isn’t true. By no means have I talked to everyone at the department, but I did think it was worth noting there are many there who do like Ron Madrid, too.

    Geoff Grammer

  3. Geoff, Thanks for checking this DWI on this dude. Yeah, you are probaby right that there are many who do like Ron Madrid, too. But it is hard to digest on how this high ranking official of the department has made his own messes with his deputies prior to becoming the next Undersheriff. In all fairness to him, I think if he changes his cocky deameanor on how he mistreats his deputies out in the field and begins his shift by responding to sheriff calls (i.e., domestic violence calls, etc.) including enforcing traffic violations and issuing traffic citations too, he might regain the respect he deserves by his co-workers. He has been out of touch in the field and he probably would not know on how to handle a simple public assistance request, especially a. animal control call of some sort. Nah, I wouldn’t pass it to him anyways, he might end up shooting the dog in crisis instead!

  4. Diane Anaya says:

    Henrietta!THANK YOU for saying what so many others DO NOT have the courage to say about Ron Madrid – What a joke this guy is- to his deputies, co workers and anyone else who has had any contact with him! Either professionally or personally! Madrid (no rank fits him) you should earn a rank with HONOR and service – not cuz your one of the “good old boys” in the system or your boss was TOLD to appoint him. Anyone who has been reading the articles knows how people feel about him and his cohorts! How many have called him on the DWI situation – the departmental philander that he is – how many times has this guy been married or had an affair? and which county chick is he doing THIS week? I’d love to see how many women come out and say what they REALLY feel about him! I wonder if the internal audit will reveal how many times Solano, Madrid and “friends” have gone to Las Vegas, NV and the Association of Counties Conventions on the county dollar?? Not to Mention – were they drinking and driving COUNTY units? Oh cant wait til the investigation brings to light ALL the crooked Solano followers!

    My hats off to the NMSP! They have some serious investigating coming up and lets hope the Clovis DA still has some serious desire to run again for Attorney General – if he cleans the SFSO up he’s a shoe in!

    WE need change and a leadership that the deputies can be proud to say they work for!
    The candidates that ran against Garcia are all BETTER – regardless of who or what they’ve done….. Last I heard they werent stealing, and doing illegal, unethical and embarrassing things to bring down the department – but come on county commissioners………. why didnt you all get this taken care of when you had the chance?

    D Anaya

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