Quick hits: Police release crash names, TV reporter assaulted, HR supervisor still on job

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Here are three quick updates on some of the stories I was working on throughout the day Tuesday…

SFPD identify those involved in alcohol-related crash Nov. 10

After nearly two weeks, Santa Fe police on Tuesday released the initial crash report on a Nov. 10 head on collision on Agua Fria Street in which the 16-year-old driverhad a blood-alcohol content of 0.27, more than three times the legal limit.

The driver was Michael Miera, who suffered severe head trauma, but is at home with his family now. His 20-year-old sister, Nicholette Miera, was in the back seat and was still hospitalized through this past weekend. Tabitha Quintana, 17, was in the back seat and released the morning after the late night crash. Paulino Molinar, 17, was a passenger in the front seat who was hospitalized more than a week.

No charges have yet been filed.

The victims from the other car were Edgar Morales, 22, the driver and Morelia Rios, 38, both of the Santa Fe. They are not, according to police, being accused of any wrong doing in relation to the crash.

Here is the following day story The New Mexican published on Nov. 11.

KOB-TV reporter assaulted by a state employee

KOB’s Gadi Schwartz on Tuesday morning was assaulted by a state employee who was apparently telling him at the PERA building that he was not allowed to be there.

The state employee, not yet named by state police, will be charged with assault and battery, according to State Police Lt. Eric Garcia.

Police have reviewed a video of the incident and say it is clear that not only was Schwartz on public property and allowed to be shooting video for a story he was working on, but the state employee was the clear aggressor.

Schwartz said nobody was seriously hurt, but said he couldn’t comment further.

NM Public Education Department HR Supervisor still in same job

Eunice Moya, the 37-year-old NMPED employee who was indicted last week on federal bank fraud charges, is still at her same job as HR Supervisor, according to a department spokesperson Tuesday evening.

Some employees on Monday expressed concern to The New Mexican that based on the charges against her and with her job being one with access to their personal information, Moya should be reassigned or put on paid leave until the charges are resolved.

That won’t be happening, it appears.


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