Is Daniel Martinez a targeted man? (w/ two past Martinez videos)

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Daniel Martinez, Santa Fe Sheriff Deputy Leonard Romero, defense attorney Tom Clark and assistant district attorney Orlando Torres, (from left) in a hearing at State District Court on Monday. (New Mexican file photo/Clyde Mueller)

Daniel Martinez, most well-known in Northern New Mexico for his 1993 acquittal on rape and murder charges, agreed to a plea deal Tuesday morning that will require him to serve about 97 more days in county jail for escaping state police custody in May.

Here is Tuesday’s article in The New Mexican with details on the case: Martinez plea deal would ax nine charges

He’ll still face possible rape and kidnapping charges, but certainly got a pretty sweet deal with everything else on Tuesday. That’s because, according to several sources, the evidence simply wasn’t there to get a conviction.

Here is what defense attorney Tom Clark said this all boils down to:

“There are still many in the law-enforcement community that think Daniel Martinez got away with something 20 years ago and think he needs to pay for that crime. My position is he is innocent until proven guilty, and the facts in this case have shown he was not guilty of many of the charges brought against him.”

So is Tom Clark right? Is Daniel Martinez a victim of his own past?

As a side note, here are two past videos the New Mexican has posted in recent months since the May incident:

VIDEO 1 — A video given to the New Mexican by Martinez’s nephew taken while Martinez was on the lam after his May escape from police custody:

VIDEO 2 — A link to Tuesday’s KRQE video of Martinez’s escape:


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