City employee arrested by sheriff’s deputy

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Elizabeth Roybal (Photo from Santa Fe County Jail)

From the IN BRIEF section of Tuesday’s New Mexican:

City recreation manager held at jail

Elizabeth “Liz” Roybal, the city of Santa Fe’s recreation complex manager, remained in jail Monday evening after her arrest Sunday on a charge of assault on a household member and violating a restraining order.

City Manager Robert Romero acknowledged he had been informed of the arrest Monday evening, but said it was too early to comment on any possible action the city might take.

According to a Santa Fe County sheriff’s report, Roybal, 50, was arrested Sunday on County Road 84 by Deputy Gabe Cebada.

A police report states that Roybal was arrested after she was “involved in a verbal argument with her ex-girlfriend” and assaulted her.

Online jail records indicated that as of Monday evening Roybal was being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

  1. Bernie Logue Y Perea says:

    These are very serious charges and the city manager should look in to them. She has numerous complaints filed against her with the city. How she continues to be employed by the city is beyond me. She has a history of violent behaviour and relentless abuse of power. She believes name dropping will keep her around. I urge the city to take a good look at this womans record before she hurts someone while under the city’s employ.

    • anonymous says:

      She ABSOLUTELY has a history!!!! Check around…she is aggressive and physical. She enjoys physically hurting people. It is about time this comes out…good for her ex girlfriend!!!

  2. Jim Shwartz says:

    Knowing and working with Liz personally, I find this all very hard to believe. First off she does not have a history of violent behavior. Running off at the mouth about someone you have personal issues with is just straight up slander, and has no merit. The truth will prevail, and among a lot of people who know and work with her will stand behind and support her.

  3. geoffgrammer says:

    OK guys, thanks for the comments. I’m closing the comments for this thread now. I try to let in pretty much all the comments on here, but unnamed, attacks on people (I already let one in I probably shouldn’t have) aren’t what this is for. If you have specific allegation, please talk to the city or police, but I’m not going to just let people come on here without using their real name posting criminal allegations about people if there aren’t court/police records verifying said allegations.

    So its clear, and I’m certainly not saying I know everything that happened that day, since Roybal’s arrest, I have got a hold of the restraining order in question and in fairness to her, it absolutely should be noted that it is a MUTUAL civil restraining order that specifically allows her to travel on the county road she was on at the time of her arrest. I’m not saying there weren’t other things going on that led to the arrest (the assault was a verbal one according to police, not a physical assault), but I think it should be noted that the restraining order is a mutual civil one allowing her to be where she was.

    Hopefully all can resolve this matter to their satisfaction. I’ll update the criminal case against Roybal as necessary. Her defense attorney is Tom Clark. I don’t know for sure yet who the district attorney assigned to prosecute the case is.

    Geoff Grammer

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