S.F. police vote no confidence in City Manager, Asst. City Attorney

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The Santa Fe Police Officers Association on Monday night announced its members passed a vote of no confidence in City Manager Robert Romero and Deputy City Attorney Mark Allen.

The POA, the police officer union in Santa Fe, started tallying the votes at 5 p.m. Monday at the Fraternal Order of Police building on Airport Road. The vote was the result of a petition circulating the past two weeks among members that alleged various corrupt actions by Romero and Allen (see links to background articles below).

That petition read:

We feel this way due to perceived corruption by these persons, favoritism by them and their pursuit of certain agendas and personal vendettas against certain members of the Santa Fe Police Department.

Earlier Monday, I asked union president Allan Lopez what a vote of no confidence in two non-elected positions actually means.

“They (City Hall) can do whatever they want with it,” Lopez said. “It’s the vote of a union of their employees and I would hope City Councilors and the Mayor would take to heart the concerns of their city’s police department.”

Here are two recent articles I’ve written about power struggle (and there will be another in Tuesday’s New Mexican:

  1. geoffgrammer says:

    Just a little addition here…

    Lopez told mere there are 130 members of the POA and 100 voted on this matter — 90 voted NO confidence, four voted YES confidence and six members turned in ballots with an abstain option checked.

    Thirty members did not cast ballots.

    Geoff Grammer

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