Ninja bandit ordered to stay in juvenile detention center

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A state district judge on Tuesday approved the detention of 17-year-old Shalom Katz to the Santa Fe Juvenile Detention Center where he’s being held on a charge of concealing identity and a probation violation.

Because he’s a juvenile, there are plenty of hoops in the state of New Mexico (and with good reason) to jump through before he’ll be charged with other crimes Santa Fe Police say he committed, including an auto burglary and the armed-robbery of the Dell Fox Jewelry store in downtown Santa Fe on Sept. 20. Police say he dressed like a ninja and used a hatchet to rob the store in broad daylight, stealing several thousand dollars worth of jewelery.

Katz pleaded no contest in 2008 to his part in a violent home invasion that resulted in two local youths being beaten with baseball bats. He was given the option to serve in a treatment facility after that case and did so, but now it appears as though he’s going to do some serious time in jail, after all.


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