Drunk gunman firing away in southwest Santa Fe

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A 32- or 33-year-old man was in protective custody at Christus-St. Vincent Regional Medical Center late Monday after police say he was found intoxicated and firing a handgun in the air while walking around his southwest Santa Fe apartment complex.

Charges are pending and could include assault on a peace officer. Nobody was shot and the man’s gun was confiscated by police.

Emergency dispatchers received a call at 8:08 p.m. about a man shooting a gun in the air walking around The Bluffs at Tierra Contenta, 6587 Valentine Way. When police arrived, and before they located the man, “about four to five more shots were heard by our officers,” said Santa Fe police Lt. Dave Holliday.

The man, who police said they could not immediately identify, pointed his .40-caliber gun at an officer at one point, according to Holliday. As he pointed the gun at the officer, Holliday said two small children ran out of a nearby apartment yelling at other officers about where the gunman was hiding.

“(The officer) yelled at the kids to get out of the way,” Holliday said, “and by the time they were, the (gunman) had dropped the gun to his side and left the immediate area.”

The gunman was subdued with a Tazer moments later and taken to the hospital to treat a bloody nose and because he was intoxicated. Police do not know how the man’s nose was injured, but said drops of his blood were located throughout the complex.

Police do not know why the man was firing his gun and are looking into where the people he lives with — a woman and three kids — were when the incident began.

As of late Monday, police said they knew of only a double pane window in the man’s apartment that had been hit by a bullet.


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