Sheriff schedules DWI checkpoint

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano announced his department will join with two other departments to hold a DWI checkpoint this Friday (Sept. 24) in southern Santa Fe County.

New Mexico State Police and the Edgewood PD are helping out in the operation.

Announcements like this, as well as when this blog and The New Mexican publish the location of the city’s speed SUV every day, tend to annoy people. I’ve been asked on several occasions why we would alert the public of such things and the answer is this: Police want the public to know. These operations, and the speed SUV, are more about awareness and getting people to change their habits rather than an attempt to catch violators in the act. As far as police are concerned, it is most beneficial when the public is aware of these things.

… that and I like having things to post on my blog.

  1. One other reason we send out notices of DWI checkpoints to the press. We are required to notify the public through the press by law. Checkpoints must be announced before hand or all the arrests made at the checkpoint would be thrown out of court.

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