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Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’m the new (and old) crime/cops/courts/etc. reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican. I did this job as a summer intern in 2000… as my first job out of college in December of 2001 for two and a half years… and now I’m back.

I never felt as important about this gig as I did the day the departmental e-mail went out in early August announcing I had accepted the position that described me as the newspaper’s new “justice” reporter. That makes my job sound way cooler than it is, but I had t-shirts made up anyway and now ask my colleagues to call me Justice Geoff (hasn’t caught on just yet).

I left the New Mexican in the summer of 2004 to become sports editor in Las Cruces, then did a stint of sports writing in Arizona. Along the way I’ve covered high school, college and professional sports. The way sports is anymore, you can say I never really left crime reporting.

Now, I’m back in Santa Fe, where I was born and where I’ve now started a family of my own.

I plan to use this blog for a little bit of everything related to my beat: quick updates on stories, conversation with readers, crime stats, courthouse gossip, updates on criminal justice trends around the country, polls, Q&As with Santa Fe area law enforcement and legal professionals, etc., etc., etc.

Mainly, I hope to have a dialogue with readers. Ask me a question, I’ll try to answer it. Have a story tip? Let me know. We’ll see where this blog goes, but I hope it’ll become a regular part of your Web surfing while you’re supposed to be working.

While there are plenty of stories on the crime beat that require, understandably, a serious tone, I will also try to bring some levity to this job, including letting you know about some of cops behind the badge, the judges behind the bench and the lawyers beyond the bar.

I hope you enjoy.


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