End of the crime blog.

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Getting inside the crime beat.

I had a great time running this crime blog the past couple years, but unfortunately a move back in January off the crime beat and away from reporting has made it impossible to devote the time to the blog I once did.

Some of you probably already noticed the past several months have had far fewer posts than I once posted when I would do a few a day.

So unfortunately this will be the final post on my Santa Fe Crime blog. Thank you all for reading. The numbers were surprisingly good for a crime blog like this so I hope it is continued in some form by someone down the road.

On to the next adventure…



They won’t say exactly when or where, but the Santa Fe Police Department will be conducting a DWI checkpoint this weekend.

Here is their emailed news release from Monday morning:

As part of the ongoing efforts to keep Santa Fe roads and streets safe, the Santa Fe Police Department will conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint the weekend of July 28th. Driving under the influence is a crime. Anyone caught driving under the influence will be arrested, their automobile may be seized and they will incur significant costs included legal bills.

From the New Mexico State Police on Monday afternoon (and HERE from The Associated Press earlier this morning) :

Sandoval County Fire Chief Killed in Roll-Over Crash on I-25

SANDOVAL COUNTY — At approximately 8:45 a.m. this morning, State Police Officers responded to the scene of a two vehicle crash, on I-25 approximately 3 miles south of the Bernalillo exit.

Officers arrived on scene and found a gray 2004 Cadillac on the Read the rest of this entry »

Adrian Ordonez-Flores (2008 jail mug shout from the Santa Fe County jail)

Authorities in Minnesota arrested a Santa Fe man early Monday and authorities say he’s the last defendant to be apprehended in a 14-person cocaine operation bust announced last week at a joint press conference involving the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, New Mexico State Police, Santa Fe Police Department and the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

Here is an email news release announcing Monday’s arrest, sent by FBI spokesman Frank Fisher out of Albuquerque:

A man being sought after a joint law enforcement operation in Santa Fe County last week apprehended several individuals allegedly tied to cocaine trafficking has been arrested in Minnesota.

Adrian Ordonez-Flores, 25, of Santa Fe, was arrested without incident early Monday (7/2/12) by FBI Special Agents in Burnsville, Minn., approximately 15 miles south of Minneapolis.

Ordonez-Flores was Read the rest of this entry »

CLICK TO ENLARGE: New Mexico State Police Sgt. Andy Tingwall died in a Search and Rescue mission in 2009 in the Santa Fe area. (Courtesy photos)

Nice gesture from New Mexico State Police here, even if it does coincide with a change in call signs for the department’s entire airborne fleet.

This from an email Tuesday morning from DPS spokesman Tony Lynn:

Effective today the New Mexico State Police Helicopter will now be identified as ABLE-6.  The call sign is being changed so that the previous call sign, N606SP, can be retired to honor fallen helicopter pilot, Sergeant Andy Tingwall.

Sgt. Tingwall was on a Search and Rescue mission in June 2009 near the Santa Fe Ski Basin when the tail rotor of his State Police helicopter struck the mountain side causing a rapid decent and subsequent crash killing Sgt. Tingwall and Megumi  Yamamoto, a stranded hiker  he was trying to rescue from the mountain.

ABLE will now recognize all the State Police rotary wing aircraft.  ABLE is an acronym for AirBorne Law Enforcement.

Here is just one of the many articles posted on The New Mexican website following the 2009 crash:

[Video courtesy Santa Fe Police Department]

Nicole Castellano, the 42-year-old who earlier this month lost her Democratic primary bid for the state Senate District 39 seat, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated DWI and resisting an officer.

Police on Monday released the arrest video and audio.

The video shows her Read the rest of this entry »

Santa Fe Police Officer Jon Lopez, 30. (Mug shot courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Santa Fe police late Sunday confirmed Patrol Officer Jon Lopez was arrested earlier in the evening on a domestic violence offense.

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Deputies on Sunday arrested the 30-year-old Lopez, who lives in Santa Fe. The three-year veteran of the force was booked into the Santa Fe County jail at 9:06 p.m. and charged with battery against a household member and interfering with communications, according to an online jail database. Lopez was being held without bond as of late Sunday.

It is unclear what exactly Read the rest of this entry »

New Mexico State Police

New Mexico State Police will be conducting a DWI sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Santa Fe County on Friday night.

Cops usually step up the DWI checkpoints in the summer months and this year is no different. While NMSP always announces in advance that they will be conducting a checkpoint somewhere in the county, the department never says exactly where until the cops are on site setting up the operation.

This from The New Mexican’s Local News in Brief section for Jan. 21:

Attorney General Gary King says the state is responsible for paying to furnish a new district courthouse in Santa Fe.

The state Board of Finance is to consider a request Thursday from the First Judicial District for a loan of nearly $827,000 for Read the rest of this entry »

Patricio M. Serna (Photo courtesy UNM.edu)

New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Patricio Serna, a former 11-year State District Judge in Santa Fe, announced Friday he’ll be stepping down from the bench at the end of August.

He served on the First Judicial District bench in Santa Fe from 1985 through 1996.

Obviously this will be a big political issue for this state moving forward as debates will brew over who will be chosen to replace Serna.

For now, here is the news release sent out Friday by the Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court of New Mexico announced today that Justice Patricio M. Serna will retire at midnight on Read the rest of this entry »